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Programme: Programme

The Programme

PANKO is built on four pillars


Our PANKO tutors work with students after school to improve both their basic literacy and their math skills. The children follow a comprehensive curriculum to review what they learned in school, as well as to fill any gaps that might exist. We use several indicators to track the progress of the students and to make adjsutments to the programme.


Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communiaction (NVC) is essential for building thriving communities. For this reason, we help the children to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and treat others in their community with respect, especially in difficult and contentious situations. As part of the PANKO curriculum, the children learn how to make their voices heard, while speaking with compassion.

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Technology Training

In 2022 PANKO launched an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Center, in which students learn crucial technology skills on 15 computers. The center intends to help bridge the gap between urban and rural areas in technology education, playing an essential role to maximize the future job prospects for our students. 



Sports are the third crucial pillar of PANKO. Playing football, volleyball and other sports helps the children stay healthy and exposes them to the value of being part of a team. Thanks to our trainers, the children also experience the joy of working hard and consistently to improve their skills. It is not surprising that the children are always particularly excited about the sport sessions!

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We measure 

success in a systematic way...

4 Impacts

Focused on education, sports & play, communication, and health

6 Outcomes

Specific results we are aiming to produce

32 Indicators

Measurable, data-based information that tracks our progress towards achieving the outcomes

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Programme: Engagieren Sie sich

...and we have achieved first results


Increase of average literacy acheivement score from 64 (June '20) to 80 points (Dec '20)

Nonviolent Communication

First understanding of the basic elements of Nonviolent Communication by the kids


Improvement of the children's physical fitness and learning of new sport (volleyball)

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